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Welcome to the website of Assist Dyslexia.  The website has information that we hope you find useful whether you are a parent or teacher or simply have an interest in Dyslexia. Please feel free to browse all sections as each area contains useful tips and ideas.

Our company has been set up to support and tutor children with Dyslexia (Specific Learning Difficulties).  We also offer information talks and courses to parents, carers and teachers who want to find out more about Dyslexia.  If you want to book tuition or a course feel free to contact us by email, phone or Facebook.




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Below is a review from a happy mother. Reviews like below make it extra rewarding. I cannot recommend highly enough Anne and Dolores and the help they provide in Assist Dyslexia. The first day I met Anne I was a worried mother with a very anxious boy who was mad to...

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Tactile Learning

Tactile resources help children to actively learn. Visual discrimination, tables, basic sentences and sequencing can all be taught using these new resources in Assist Dyslexia. The 5 year old here took just a few minutes to complete the sequencing activity! We have...

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Revision Advice

Teenagers with Dyslexia often find it very difficult to study and revise effectively. Here are some tips that have been found helpful. Draw up a study timetable and stick to it. Try and study at the same time each night. Study only one subject per night. Work for...

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