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As Dyslexia awareness week ended, the tutors commented on how positive the week was. Many television programmes carried stories of success and our own page features the story of a mother describing her son’s journey to achieving incredible success and overcoming the difficulties Dyslexia brought him. This journey has helped other parents realise that their children can succeed on their journey with Dyslexia despite the challenges facing them in their everyday lives.

But despite all the positivity, each week also brings negativity. In the last week we have assessed young children who were behind their peers in reading and spelling, we have heard stories of Irish exemptions not being granted, we have met secondary and college students who were only finding out they were Dyslexic and who should have been diagnosed years earlier!

Parents relate stories of difficulties accessing information and supports in schools. Teachers have contacted us saying training is not being provided to them.  The Dyslexia Association of Ireland published a recent survey which found that 95% of teachers wanted training in Dyslexia and over 90% of adults were struggling to access both information and supports.

So yes Dyslexia Awareness Week is a positive thing. However the overall message that should be carried forward is that more, much more, needs to be done.

Ireland’s education system needs to change and now!

The right to an education suited to the child’s needs is enshrined in the constitution and must be upheld, so that all Dyslexic children are identified early and supported with specialist equipment and tuition throughout their school lives.  If a child is not identified until secondary school or college, they have been let down by the system.

Parents need to form parent support groups and teachers need to speak out against the lack of information and training they receive. If people become more vocal in their demands, perhaps the next generation of Dyslexic children will experience a school system that understands their learning needs!