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Assist Dyslexia would like to give a thank you to the national schools in Leitrim, Sligo, Roscommon, Longford and most recently Cavan, who refer children to our service, both for pre-screens and tuition. Our business began in April 2015 and we started slowly. Facebook and our website have helped us to grow, but word of mouth from first parents and then teachers have ensured our gradual growth. Reviews from parents and posts from children ensured other parents knew Assist Dyslexia provided quality tuition and children with Dyslexia not only improved literacy skills but grew as “little individuals” with self-belief. They come in quiet, nervous and unsure, inside believing they are not as clever as their classmates. Each child had personality, wit or a talent they believed didn’t equal the talent their classmates had for reading and spelling. But they made our tutors laugh, gasp or simply sit back amazed. One child had the most incredible voice, another had developed games, wrote computer programmes and talked of inventions that would make reading easier for him and others. Yet another made models that looked so incredible we wondered how a child made them. The list goes on, a future comedian, a chess champion, a child who could draw our faces, a girl became ‘Annie’ in front of us. Our tutors pointed out these talents and abilities! The language of the children changed! Is a brain better because it can spell properly or is it better if it can make another laugh? Is reading aloud important or inventing an app that makes everyone read aloud important?

The children learn to say they have Dyslexia! They state they learn differently and believe they have talents. Parents learn to believe instead of despair. Next they cite the famous, usually in the fields they want to excel in! One wants to become a pilot following the child who became an aeronautical engineer. Another wishes to teach, so other children with dyslexia won’t feel like they feel in a classroom. When told the story of Pulitzer Prize winner Shultz (and read extracts from his book “My Dyslexia”) another believes he can write for a living.

All children should believe! Many teachers also believe every child can learn, so we thank these teachers who engage with our service, ask for advice and refer children to us!

Never tell children to hide dyslexia! Teach them to believe in themselves, their teachers and their schools, so they believe when they go to school each day that they are valued, not hidden. Teach them they are equal, able and valued not that they are hidden and less!