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Leona Molloy

Leona Molloy How Dyslexia Affects My Children

My name is Leona Molloy. I have four children – boys, three of whom are Dyslexic. My first experience with Dyslexia was when my oldest son Sean was in 4th class. He had been struggling with spelling and reading and Irish was a nightmare. His teacher at the time had taught in a Dyslexia Workshop and felt that Sean should be tested for Dyslexia. I took his advice and Sean was diagnosed at the age of ten years. He attended a Dyslexic workshop/group in Carrick on Shannon. He also qualified for some learning support in school. By chance I was given Anne’s name and advised that she provided private tuition for Dyslexics. She had a specific interest in Dyslexia and because of her qualifications she had technical knowledge. I phoned her and she accepted Sean. He got on great with Anne and worked well for her. His confidence grew and his ability in class improved. As Sean was diagnosed late, I felt that he did have a slight chip on his shoulder about his Dyslexia and being with Anne did benefit him. In fact, Sean at his own request, is now back with Anne while working towards his Junior Certificate and he is getting on great. My third son Thomas received his assessment in 2nd class, he was eight years old. His ability to function in class was poor. He was Dyslexic and also had Dyscalculia. His reading and spelling ages were that of a six year old. His maths ability was also very poor. His ability to retain information was also very weak and he suffered a lot of tiredness due to his huge effort in class. Anne came to the rescue again and within a short period of time, approximately one year, his reading and spelling ages had improved greatly. Most importantly, his confidence improved as his ability grew. He began to enjoy school more. It was great to see him shine, to enjoy reading and to achieve 100% in spelling. At that point he left the English and moved to the Math’s tutor in Assist Dyslexia and he is now beginning to master maths as well. This in turn is further building his confidence and self belief. My fourth child Darragh, who was spotted in 1st class, received his assessment when he was in 2nd class. He also had Dyslexia and Dyscalculia. At the time I was advised that Darragh was probably “not Dyslexic” by his teacher in school. It’s important that an early diagnosis is got so that: 1. Children get the appropriate help in school. 2. That it doesn’t affect their confidence going forward. My three boys have all had great experiences with Anne. In fact I can say, hand on heart, that the time spent with her has helped them grow in confidence and their ability to learn and enjoy learning has also grown. They can now look forward to a bright future. Anne has been a lifeline to myself and my husband. She has given us hope when there was very little. She has shown us that “yes Dyslexic children can achieve their full potential. Early intervention is so important in achieving this. I am so optimistic for the future. I attended a six week workshop for parents with Assist Dyslexia. This has given me a great understanding of how children with Dyslexia learn, how they struggle and how I, as a parent, can help and encourage them so that they can reach their goals in life. Thanks. Leona Molloy

Louise's Story

Louise's Story Parents Testimonials

When my son was 11, he had a reading age of 7. He had got a lot of support in school with his extra needs. The teachers were doing their best but with limited knowledge, that was only getting so far. I just felt he had more potential. Anne first saw him on a Saturday and assessed him. She started tutoring him the following Monday. She made no promises. My family thought I had gone on a wild goose chase! 15 months later, his reading age is 11 years and 8 months. He is doing his English homework independently. I feel he has come such a long way. He is a completely different person to the one I brought to Anne in October 2015. My daughter, I felt, was also struggling with reading. I got her assessed privately and she was found to be brilliantly bright but with severe Dyslexia. Anne had her for 12 sessions. Her reading age has gone up massively in just three months. I now have two children who no longer struggle with reading. Life is so much easier for us all. My son is growing in confidence every day and my daughter feels she is “on top of her game,” her words, not mine. I now sleep at night which I hadn’t done properly in years because I had always been told that my son would never learn. The system isn’t capable of teaching children with Dyslexia as far as I can see. That is not fair! Assist Dyslexia also has a gem of a maths teacher. She is out on her own! My son is now getting the concepts of maths which he wasn’t comprehending before. It has been worth the work to get them to do the extra work, the trips to Drumshanbo and the cost! I would have done it years ago if I had known about this service. Louise